A concept over 10 years in the making.

What began as a graphic novel or comic book series has now evolved into a fantasy/sci-fi novel in an attempt to modernise Greek mythology in a way not been done before. Rather than focussing on one hero, or myth, I’m trying to encapsulate
the entirety of mythology into one universe. Heroes such as Gilgamesh, CĂș Chulainn, Beowulf, Raja Indarapatra, Sinbad and more all exist.

The novel is set in a dystopian world of huge fortified cities on a backdrop of the endless wilderness inhabited by mythological beasts. Confined to these walled fortresses, the population continues to grow. The only way to expand
is up, so the rich keep building. Pushing the poor further into the darkness of the lower levelled slums.

While reading you will learn that the monsters of myth are predominantly invulnerable to modern day weaponry. As such corporations invested in the training and hiring of heroes and heroines work to subdue the worst of the menaces providing
pay is involved.

Our stories revolve around four main characters:

Herakles – who is roaming the wilderness facing beast after beast in an attempt to prolong his suffering to appease the guilt he feels over the murder of his children.

Megara – the wife of Herakles who is running from a set of trained assassins while trying to unravel the truth behind her husband’s disappearance and the murder of her children.

Odysseus – having survived the war with Troy he is attempting to return home with the truth of what really happened during the war.

Aeneas – searching for a place to settle the Trojan refugees and save the remnants of his ancestors’ city.