Red Hand Labs Compendium, Vol. I

Red Hand Labs Compendium, Vol. I

The Dream

Both Urich and myself are huge comic book fans. Since we started Collaborating we have talked about creating a comic following his characters Titan and Mother Earth.

The dream is real…it’s only a matter of time.

Urich “J da Red Hand” Williams

Urich, also known as “J da Red Hand,” is a comic book artist who creates characters and scenes inspired by fantasy, myth, magic, African and Asian cultures. In November 2020 Urich will release a book containing selections of his art, as well as art from a variety of other contemporaries.

Check out more of Urich’s artwork below

Reed Reimer

Reed is an award winning film composer and loves music and stories, whether it’s for film, video games, songs, or other media. He loves reading sci-fi and fantasy, so his tastes in music composition follow.

For the book release trailer, Urich tapped Reed to develop a sound that would reflect the style of Urich’s art. What began as a single (“Ronin”) morphed into an EP of Asian themed trap music to help set the world.

What drives Reed to work harder and inspires him is working with other wonderful artists and creating new worlds. A great example of that is the recent project Codeburst, which was written with Mat Kaminski and long-time collaborator Benjamin Emory Larson.

James McCloy

James is currently the editor of the Red Hand Compendium, however when he isn’t he is a writer and creator of Tabletop RPGs and DnD supplementary material!

His latest work To Destroy a Storm was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be made available through DriveThruRPG soon!