Experiencing visions of a mythical land throughout your childhood, you are suddenly transported to the Inspirisles, a kingdom ruled by the fey. Responsible for a pact made long ago by your ancestors, you must now earn Belief and the respect of their gods or find yourself trapped there forever.

INSPIRISLES is a completely original tabletop RPG aimed at teenagers. It will promote empathylife skills and deaf awareness with an emphasis on teamwork and creativity.

  • Play as teens gifted extraordinary powers. 
  • Meet famous characters and fearsome monsters from Celtic folklore. 
  • Work together to heal a crumbling land and restore a fractured kingdom. 
  • Learn British/American Sign Language as you cast spells and solve puzzles. 
  • Become apprentices to the gods.
  • Offer Belief to earn your tickets home. 

Created by Rich Oxenham

The Beastiary

Creating the Beastiary was a huge amount of fun. Working closely with the writer and creator Rich we prevailed in creating simplistic but striking forms to bring a unique spin on the creatures of Celtic mythology.

Backer Dragons and Creatures

These creations were based on the ideas of the higher tier backers. In some cases it was a challenge to make the more outlandish suggestions really fit and feel as if they were a part of the world of Inspirisles. Rich was willing to trust me to run with my interpretation of what the backer wanted for these designs and I was happy to deliver.

Full Illustrations

These illustrations will fill an entire page in the core book and allowed me to really flex my artistic chops. So far no revisions have been needed which is a good sign that Rich and I have really come to an understanding while working on this project.

The questing cabin is the hub for the players through out the game and features the Allswell portal from the real world to the Inspirisles. The use of the creatures really gives the piece a feeling of being lived in.

Gogmagog the giant smashed the sculptures of the Crone of craft for which is poisoned him. As he drew his organs from his body they turned into the Inspired:

  •  Kilna of the Fire has his forge.
  •  Egrain of the Earth has her vinyard.
  •  Athelyn of the Water has their bath house.
  •  Vorm of the Air has his skyship.

The pact features a barren and dying World Tree following the death of Arthur, whose mausoleum can be seen in the background. Guinevere and ruler of the Glow shake hands to agreeing to peace.


The front and back cover, as well as the border art, was the first works Rich hired me to create for his project. Safe to say he was impressed and brought me on the project as the principal artist. The gold and green was used to draw towards the Celtic foundations of Inspirisles, with the small uses of magenta to break up the simple colour scheme.