“As a young dwarven maid, I often dreamed of fleeing the cold mines of North Yorkshire and being an artist like I knew I was inside. But Ma and Da would always shoot those dreams down, tell me to stop being such a foolish girl and laugh as I cried my way down to my cellar chambers. But now I have a website, and who’s laughing now?!?!” – Tanor. 2018

Thank you Tanor for your wonderful description of my youth…

I am the main writer and artist of the Herakles comic. Whilst working on Herakles I also work on commissions and fanart. I enjoy gaming in my spare time and my favourite games are the Soulsborne series.



“As a young sneaky half-elf bandit I often enjoyed plundering the abandoned farms of country folk. Long nights spent silently making my way through other peoples homes stealing as many wheels of cheese as I could carry, until I was caught cheese-handed and thrown in jail. I now search for redemption, yet at night I still dream of cheese wheels…” – Josh. 2018

Fun fact, selling me out to the town guards was how Josh and I met…

I am the co-writer of the Herakles comic. When not working on this, I can be found scrolling through my phone. I enjoy reading in my spare time, with some of my favourite writers being Garth Ennis, Brian Azzerello, Andy Diggle, Neil Gaiman, Raymond Chandler, and Jeff Lemire to name just a few.