Herakles  is a story of a man’s attempt at REDEMPTION in a world of turmoil. The world takes inspiration from the MYTHS and tales of ancient Greece and places it in a near future setting. From these legends have risen mysterious and dangerous MONSTERS. These marauding beasts have left the cities of the world in dire need of protection, raising enormous WALLS to defend themselves. As necessity is the mother of invention, these HUMANS have developed technologies and weapons to SURVIVE and thrive. Over the course of history, CORPORATIONS have used genetic and robotic advances to create and design super soldiers with incredible abilities, birthing “HEROES”. These heroes are licensed out to cities at a PRICE performing services for their contract holders and allowing their corporations to GROW.

HERAKLES is in the employment of HOMER Corp., one of the largest companies, and has lost it ALL. He has committed an atrocious CRIME that has cost him his family and his job…he now seeks to lose his LIFE. Leaving behind his WIFE and remaining family, he’s accepted a mission from his company’s CEO himself, Homer, to perform 12 TASKS. Each more difficult than the last. As he set out on this arduous JOURNEY, it soon comes to light that this man’s crimes have had REPERCUSSIONS beyond his own life. These ripples have set in motion a conspiracy that will SALVAGE this world…or SHATTER it.